The number of Ordinary Members shall in total not exceed sixty (60), as approved by the General Assembly.
A person who, after 10 years of the practice of ophthalmology or active research into the structures, function or disorders of the eye is deemed to have advanced the science and practice of Ophthalmology is eligible for membership. The membership covers European Union countries and has been elected following due process. The members have all demonstrated the highest level of contribution to the pursuit of excellence in Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences.

Membership Dues

The annual membership due is 105€ (+5€ charges).

The membership dues must be paid annually by each member. Payment by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) is preferable. The Treasurer will email the Members once a year asking for the payment of membership dues and will send appropriate form for that purpose.

Klara Landau, M.D., F.E.B.O.
Phone: 0041 44 255 4900 / Fax: 0041 44 255 4349 / E-mail: Klara.Landau@usz.ch

How to apply for membership

A person who, after ten (10) years of the practice of ophthalmology or active research into the structure, function or disorders of the eye is deemed to have advanced the science and practice of ophthalmology or medicine shall be eligible for membership as an Ordinary Member.

The candidate may be nominated for Membership of the Academy by two (2) or more Voting Members of the EAO.

Call for nominations will be opened prior an EAO Meeting if Chairs for membership are available. The President, or the Secretary-General, will inform the Members that nominations are opened.

The following procedure must be taken into account for the nominations to membership:
1. Each candidate must be co-nominated by two or more members of the EAO and supporting / nomination letters must be received by the Secretary-General.
2. The Secretary-General should receive a Short and Full Curriculum Vitae of the candidate.
3. The candidate must send a short statement expressing the reasons why he is applying to EAO membership.

The Trustees shall distribute the qualifications of the nominee(s) to all Voting Members before a General Assembly of the EAO.
Admission of a nominee as an Ordinary Member shall require the majority of the votes in a secret ballot of the Voting Members at a General Assembly of the EAO.

After becoming a member

An elected nominee will become an EAO Member. The new Member is expected to give, on the occasion of its first EAO meeting, a short inaugural presentation on its area of expertise and contribution to Ophthalmology. The new Member will then receive his Academy Medal.

A Member of the Academy is expected to:
-Be experienced and active in his field of ophthalmology and vision research and strives to improve research and service in ophthalmology to preserve and restore vision for people in Europe;
-Engage in activities to promote cooperation between the scientific societies for ophthalmology and vision research in Europe;
-Advise on regulatory issues for the improvement of patient service and research in ophthalmology and vision research;
-Enhance information and cooperation on scientific exchange via scientific meetings, publications for the ophthalmic community and the public to make ophthalmology visible for the decision matters in health care and research in Europe.